Our company's basic principles

an active promise to our partners - a practiced commitment to our employees.
High quality and innovative "domestic helpers" at competitive prices - that is what we stand for.

Since 1975

we are serving many satisfied customers worldwide. The products we offer contribute to simplify millions of customer's domestic work, and to make it more sustainable.

The beginning of it all was

a „shiny“ product, aluminium foil for household use; meanwhile we have developed into a successful producer and distributor of a wide range of products including different types of foils and films, containers, and bags.

Our focus is

customer satisfaction on national and international level. We aim to be a competent partner to our customers, improving their competitiveness.

We concentrate on

the perfect preparation, storage and exhibition of food, the disposal of waste, and the production of a variety of secondary packaging all which are consistent with the interests of society and environmental politics.

We cultivate

powerful trademarks and private labels improving their value.

We offer

  • proven and innovative product solutions
  • highly and certified standards concerning quality and hygiene, constant, monitored and documented quality of products - That's the way our product line will pass every test!
  • convincing and individual services concerning our products.

We actively contribute

to environmental protection and the preserving of valuable resources concerning both our process of production and our product line that includes a wide range of items that are biodegradable and compostable.

We produce

in our own modern production facilities. We are constantly optimizing our flexible production processes and our efficient logistics concepts. As a matter of course we constantly obey to and apply legislation on safety in the workplace.

We adopt

a transparent, stringent, and fair price policy. It's our stated aim to keep our profitability and our financial strength on a long-term basis.

We are dedicated to

performance, and we promote it. We seek to offer appealing employment terms to our dedicated staff. We seek to have a corporate culture of creativity and integrity.

We appreciate

o cooperate with our reliable suppliers on fair and long terms.

In the future

we would like to have even more valued regular customers as we have today. We would like to inspire even more domestic and international customers by our services - following our slogan: